Yolanda Bell | Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What city are you based in?
     Granada Hills in Los Angeles.

2.  How much is the Session Booking Fee?
     The non-refundable Session Retainer Fee is $100.

3.  How soon do I need to book my photo session?
     Sessions are on a first come, first served basis. I suggest booking your session as soon as you’re able.

4.  Can you hold a date for me?
     Sorry, I’m not able to hold a date without a signed contract and the booking fee.

5.  When is the Final Payment Due?
     Final payment is due 7 days prior to your scheduled photo shoot.

6.  What Methods of Payment are Accepted?
     Cash, Credit & Debit Cards.

7.  Is there an additional fee if I pay via credit card?
     Yes. There is a retail adjustment fee of 4% of the charged amount for all credit card transactions.

8.  How long will it take before I receive the edited photos from my photo session?
     Turn-around time is based on the services provided and will be discussed with the client and  outlined in the contract. Generally,              within two weeks of your session.

9.  What information is needed from the client to start the process?
     Name, Location/Address, Contact Number and Date of the Event or Photo Session.

10. Do you shoot in the studio and outdoors?
      Yes, I shoot outdoors and in studios in Los Angeles and San Diego.

11. Will I have an online gallery of my photos?
      Yes, you will have an online private password-protected gallery to view your photos and purchase prints.

12. Do you provide the RAW unedited files of the photo session?
      No, the RAW unprocessed files are not available for viewing or purchase. You will receive full Hi-resolution edited JPEGs.

13. Do you have insurance?

14. Is there an extra charge for retouching?
      Basic retouching such as removal of blemishes is included. There will be an additional charge for any additional retouching.

15. Do you backup my images?
      Yes, all images are backed up on two external drives and uploaded to an off site location.

16. What if it rains the day of my outdoor photo session?
      Not to worry. We will reschedule your photo session if it rains.

17. How long does a portrait session last?
      A portrait session usually lasts from one hour to two hours.